Welcome to the Clinic VALMASS!

Our goal is to give you peace of mind, during first time we meet up.

Pain and discomfort in the muscular system? Lack of energy? Stress Symptoms? Subjected to pressure of work? ...

- We can do something about it! 


  Why us?..

1. Broad knowledge and extensive practical experience from our staff
2. Interdisciplinary collaboration between employees, as well as other structures such. Chiropractors.
3. Over 11 years in the field and more than 17,000 treatments since 2002
4. Reasonable prices
5. Fine location for transport. FREE parking possibilities by the clinic.



Klinik for Kropsterapi "VALMASS"
Langgade 116 st.tv., Valby 2500, Kobenhavn, Danmark
Phone: (+45) 6066-8033

Email: valmass@live.dk
Skype: valmass.net
Website: www.Valmass.Dk
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